Wednesday, October 25, 2006

jR yOUHt CorN MaZe PICs

Cameron seems confused!

Nicole and Michelle drive a tractor!

Luke buried in the cornbox

Abby and a donkey in the petting zoo

Yaaarrr Denee the pirate!

Yup, this is a chicken on michelle's head

Burn baby burn!

Come back Goat!

Yummy S'mores

Sarah enjoying the fire

Awwww Abby the sheep

Abby and Chantal BFF

Denee, Michelle, Emma and Nicole. Too bad Michelle is so unphotogenic!

Andrew, Chantal and Sarah hang with the chickens

Michelle and Chantal check out the chickens

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merrychristmas? said...

The pictures are great!I enjoy looking at pictures. We need lots of them